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Men in 40s Highest Rate of Suicide

The question is why?

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Little Boy Unfairly Punished by Principal Feb28

Little Boy Unfairly Punished by Principal

What say you?

Men in 40s Highest Rate of Suicide

The question is why?

3 NY Men Caught Joining ISIS

Men were planning NY terror attack.

Would You want to fly Southwest Airlines?

Airlines missed major inspections.

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VA Secretary Lies. Can Obama Hire Anyone Honest?

Another day; another Obama appointee lying.


They have no boundaries.

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American Malls Threatened by Somalian Terrorists (Video)

New Video

2,000 Illegal Aliens Riot in Texas Prison

Tempers over medical treatment.

DML’s Plan to Eliminate ISIS Feb21

DML’s Plan to Eliminate ISIS

Your opinion matters!

4 Steps to Eliminate ISIS

DML’s plan.

Dept of Energy Blows $21M on Parties & Golf

Obama Sets to the Tone in DC

Muslim Terrorists! Who said that? Ain’t No Muslim Terrorists.

Obama’s Comments from the Not A Muslim Terrorist Summit

Man From Middle East Caught At Border

Imagine how many they missed.

Obama About to Flood US with Refugees

No more riding the death train through Mexico.

I Knew There Would Be a Bob Simon

I’ve taken the same rides.


Obama’s gov’t control plan in action.

Anonymous Threatens ISIS (Video) Feb09

Anonymous Threatens ISIS (Video)

Underground hacking group sends a message.

Pregnant Chinese Women Traveling to US to Give Birth

Tourism Births on the Rise

Jeh Johnson Warns of ISIS in AMERICA

Johnson appeared on CNN today.

Amnesty Bonuses

This will boil your blood.

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