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If Tim Tebow Was Running For President

Tim Tebow, the NFL QB best known for his religious beliefs and on-field prayers, is heading back to the NFL as a Philadelphia Eagle. Instead of the press and NFL pundits reflecting on Tebow’s never-give-up attitude, most are ripping apart his skills, and the Eagles are getting blasted for signing Tebow to a contract.

Tim Tebow will tell you he is not a perfect person. And we all know his throwing style is anything but pure, but lets not forget the man is a winner. His college career was a complete success. His short time in the NFL — when he was actually permitted to play — was a success. He led the Broncos to the NFC Championship Game. So what’s the problem?

Unlike most NFL hotshots who spike a ball or do a funky dance after scoring a touchdown, Tebow gets on one knee and gives praise to God. Unlike some NFL players who grab headlines for tweeting nasty grams, or punching their girlfriend in the face, or murdering another human being, Tebow spends his free time working with charities and sick children.

Imagine if Tebow decides to one day run for president. Lord knows what the press will do to him. And what about the people who love to hate? You know the type. They armor themselves with alias names, fake credentials, and half-baked stories. They’ll try to destroy him.

People filled with jealously, pain and self-gratifying agendas who somehow lost their own dream will suddenly find their role as a know-it-all critic. Suddenly, these folks will come out of the clouds like drama-seeking-missiles with the hope of landing on a cable news program. Tebow’s head will be on a perpetual chopping block. And for what reason? For the same reason they preferred to toss hate at his new NFL contract. It gives them something to do.

Odds are Tim will never run for the White House. And if he did, I don’t know if he’d run as a Republican, Independent or Democrat. What I do know is Tebow would run to win because winning is what he knows best. He would fight for the weak. He would fight for America. He would fight off the naysayer’s missiles by firing back with heat-seeking-smiles because he knows positive energy always defeats negative energy. In the same manner Tebow ignored those who lashed at him for genuflecting after a touchdown, Tebow would run for the White House with the same self confidence and winning attitude that landed him in the end zone. That sort of candidate would scare many people in DC.

I think the Eagles are brilliant. Despite not being a Philly fan, I hope Tim wins the Superbowl. Odds are high because Tim Tebow is a winner. Sure, he may not be the smartest QB in the NFL. He may not be a pure-pocket-passer or the poster boy for how to play the most important position on the field, but in the end he is a strong leader who does well when given the chance. Despite what the naysayers try to make us believe, facts are facts and history tells us the real story. There is an old saying in the news business, “If it bleeds it leads.” Ignore the headlines Tim; keep smiling. After all, you are the guy with the contract.



On Friday afternoon in NH, one of my volunteers (Tom) was overwhelmed by new DML supporters. One lady said, “Take this check now and know I wish it could be more.” People were changing their support on the fly. Meaning, before I spoke they were supporting another candidate. After just 20-minutes we converted them over to our camp. Imagine what happens when we hit the national stage. You can watch the speech by clicking here.

See Tom explain his experience:


Every Presidential Candidate Gets A Video

On Monday, Senator Marco Rubio will announce he is running for president. He is now the third Republican to do so. Each time a new candidate emerges, I will make a video highlighting something they’ve done which can impact your decision as to whether you want to support that person or not. No bashing of the person, just pure facts. On Sunday, April 12, I will review Senator Rand Paul. Then on Monday, April 13, I will post a video focused on Sen. Rubio. I will eventually catch up with Sen. Cruz who announced earlier this month.

Details about why I am making these videos and what will be included:

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Bringing Back the American Spirit

One part of my four-point plan for getting America back on track focuses on reviving the American spirit.

We need a president who can revive the principles our nation was built upon. America needs a president who can give new birth to the age old concept of working hard and taking risk. People need to believe the opportunity to live the American dream still exists. It can exist with a president who focuses on taking care of Americans first.

I will outline the entire four-point plan during my speech at the Republican Leadership Summit on April 17 in N.H.

The following video was shot last month after a night of trying to sleep on an Amtrak train to Iowa.



I am happy to announce I’ll be one of the speakers at the biggest event of the year for 2016 hopefuls. At the event I will announce my 4-point plan to get America back on track. I ask you to please watch this video and leave me comments. What do you like and dislike — what parts should we keep for our commercials and campaign materials? Please feel free to comment here or on Facebook. Thank you!